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Our track record speaks for itself – in the last 6 years, we have facilitated 105 successful business transactions, totaling $1.1 billion in transaction value. The most impressive part? Our services don’t cost sellers a dime.

We partner with specialized investment groups and corporate buyers who are actively seeking strategic acquisitions. Our role is to identify investment opportunities that fit their specific needs, and connect them directly with business sellers who meet those criteria. Unlike an auction-style process where multiple buyers are brought to the table, we exclusively introduce sellers to the best fitting group. This targeted approach has proven successful time and time again.

We are driven by a commitment to delivering results and maximizing value for all parties involved. That’s why we prioritize direct connections between buyers and sellers, with no unnecessary middlemen or fees. Our compensation comes exclusively from the buyer, ensuring our services are always free for sellers.

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$ 1.1 B
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105 +

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